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The best feeling ever is experiencing new locations and travelling to new places. People now travel far more often than they always did. Furthermore, the number of travellers conducting road journeys has increased. To go to any location in the nation, one only has to make an online cab reservation. Travel lovers are continually eager to discover these undiscovered jewels as more unusual locations get attention. Road trips are usually thrilling and entertaining because you get to enjoy both the route and the destination. On a road trip, you may take in the picturesque scenery, lovely roads, and interesting places along the way. Making the appropriate taxi service choice is crucial.

Khalko wants you to enjoy road vacations free from the strain of long-distance driving. Khalko can make your travel simple whether you're planning a solitary trip, a weekend break with pals, or an enjoyable trip with your family. All you have to do is select your desired destination and reserve a taxi online with Khalko. You can make your reservation with Khalko in just a few minutes thanks to its simple User experience.

We are Khalko, a group of individuals devoted to assisting others in achieving their goals of going anywhere, acquiring anything, and establishing their own path. Khalko allows travellers to book travel necessities such as taxis, hotels, tours, and flight tickets with only a few clicks. With over 500 drivers and taxis across the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, and over 5900 safe journeys, Khalko is transforming the face of intra-island transport by delivering last-mile connection through speedy rides at reasonable pricing.

Khalko offers daily tours and car rentals throughout the city. It is an Indian aggregator business that Rajesh Xalxo and Smti Sarita Kumari Kujur established in 2022. The corporate headquarters are located in Shadipur, ABC Colony, Port Blair, Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

At Khalko, we care about your safety. We've designed a Door-to-Door Safety Standard to help you feel safe every time you travel.

You can travel practically anywhere with Khalko.

The Khalko app is a terrific way to make your trip arrangements less stressful.

Before booking, you may view your pricing estimate with Khalko. That means you'll always know how much you'll spend before booking your ride.

We're dedicated to making every Khalko ride as safe as possible. That's why, we have included additional safety measures and revised our Service Guidelines to ensure courteous and productive interactions.

Khalko allows you to share your travel and offer your loved one’s peace of mind while you're away - you may post your position and trip status so they know you arrived safely.

You may call emergency services immediately from the app, and your location and travel data will be shown so you can swiftly share them with them.

Just follow the procedure below to schedule a ride with Khalko.

Enter the destination to check rates; View all nearby travel alternatives; Select your preferred mode of transportation; Get quick confirmation with trip information, and your trip is booked!

Our app allows online payments by Cash, UPI, Amex, Diners, International, and Corporate Cards.

After each trip, you may rate it and leave comments. You may also express your appreciation to your driver by leaving a tip in the app.

Here are a few of the other benefits of riding with Khalko:

  • Exciting ride offers

  • Top-quality drivers

  • A range of vehicles to choose from including Car, Bus, Fiber Boat

  • Best flight tickets

  • Best offers for hotel bookings

Download the Khalko app right away and reserve a taxi if you're ready to embark on your next journey.

Why Khalko cab?

Many of its clients benefit from fantastic deals, affordable airfares, the best taxi prices, special discounts, and a smooth online booking experience with Khalko. Booking cab rides, aeroplane tickets, hotel stays, and vacation packages using our desktop site or smartphone app is simple and hassle-free. We also provide wonderful deals such as Instant Discounts and many more, which we update on a regular basis to better fit our clients' changing requirements and desires.

Khalko offers

  1. Cabs: cars, buses, fiber boats

  2. Flight bookings

  3. Hotel bookings

  4. Tour bookings: snorkelling, scuba diving, sea walk, sea parasailing, kayaking, jet skiing, banana ride and many more.

Safety is always put first when it comes to travelling. A memorable trip may be enhanced by a safe and comfortable ride. On Khalko, you can find the best automobile rental companies that guarantee a secure journey to your destination. You don't have to be concerned about the automobile routes, car cleanliness, or price when you hire a cab using Khalko.

The cab booking services offered by Khalko are quite efficient and dependable. Additionally, using the Khalko app is a breeze because to its user-friendly interface. You have a broad range of alternatives when reserving a cab, including hatchbacks, sedans, SUVs, buses, and fibre boats. Additionally, you will be picked up on time from your place so that there are no delays in getting to the destination.

All vehicles have embedded Google Maps, safety alarms, and journey trackers to keep passengers updated about the drivers and the vehicles and prevent last-minute hiccups.

We work hard to make every Khalko trip as secure as possible. As a result, we have implemented extra safety precautions to ensure the safety of our customers:

  1. Before embarking on the journey, we require the user to confirm the vehicle number.

  2. Due to the present Covid-19 scenario, every precaution is taken to guarantee travel safety. Before the trip, the drivers' temperatures are checked. Additionally, the taxi is cleaned both before and after the trip. Not to mention that masks are required for both drivers and passengers.

  3. Share the trip:
    You may share taxi information with friends and relatives to help them follow your travel.
    All you have to do is:
    - On the Track Ride screen, tap the Share Details button.
    - An SMS with a link to track your ride will be sent to your contacts.

  4. Driver’s rating matters (if the driver repeatedly gets low rating he will be removed.)

  5. Khalko makes sures the driver is vaccinated and is wearing a mask throughout the ride

  6. Concerns about safety? Get in touch with us!

    We put your safety and comfort first. We have put in place robust safety measures and procedures to ensure that your trip is safe, comfortable, and dependable.

    If you have any worries about your safety, please call us right away and we will check into it.

  7. In the event of an unanticipated catastrophe, such as a cab breakdown or accident, we make arrangements for another cab (subject to availability).


  • Always enter your drop location while booking the ride

  • Verify your driver and car details on the Khalko app before boarding the cab

  • Check while boarding that the child lock is disabled in the car.

  • Opt for the back seat to maintain personal space between you and the driver

  • Always insist that the driver follows the navigation as shown on the driver app

  • Share your ride details with your loved ones

  • Ensure that you have added your Emergency Contacts on the Khalko app

  • Always raise an alert by pressing the Emergency Button on your Khalko app in case of emergency

  • Always be alert to your surroundings and the route

  • Arrive on time at the mutually agreed-upon pick-up point

  • Maintain and ensure good and humble conduct with Cab Operator throughout the trip, and if such User fails to do so, Cab Operator may require such User to disembark the Cab

  • Prior to the start of the trip, check and agree with Cab Operator on the dimension/weight of the luggage that can be accommodated in the boot space of the Cab

  • Disputes regarding the same will not be entertained after the voyage has been completed.


  • Don’t engage in short talks or personal conversations with the driver

  • Don’t share any personal information with the driver

  • Don’t allow the driver to take a detour from the route or make unexpected stops

  • Don’t sleep in the cab when traveling alone

  • Don’t engage in an argument with the driver. In case of any disagreement, reach out to Khalko Support for help

  • request that the Cab Operator break any traffic regulations, local police or government rules, or other relevant laws for whatever reason;

  • utilise the services provided under this heading for any purpose that is prohibited by law;

  • insist on disembarking at any location other than the point of drop specified by the User at the time of booking

  • If he or she is intoxicated or under the influence of any drug or similar harmful substance, he or she should not enter the cab.

Khalko serves as a mediator and only offers the User an online platform to choose and reserve a certain hotel. In this context, the term "hotels" refers to all types of lodgings, including hotels, bed and breakfasts, farm homes, and any other available options.

Khalko provides a hassle-free vacation where all of your travel requirements are met. The vacation packages are created to provide you an experience that is unmatched, whether it is lodging in cosy hotels, easy transfers, a variety of sightseeing possibilities, a wide range of activities, tasty meals, or unique experiences.

There are tailor-made packages for places all around India, including renowned destinations such as Port Blair, Shaheed Dweep, and Swaraj Dweep. From unique honeymoon packages to special tour packages for women, to itineraries tailored for single travellers, families with children, and those who are young at heart, Khalko has a solution for all of our vacation needs.

By buying your tickets on our website or app, you can locate the finest offers and inexpensive plane tickets to anywhere you wish to go. Khalko, India's best website for hotel, airline, and vacation reservations, assists you in buying flight tickets that are both reasonable and tailored to your needs.

With customer satisfaction as our main objective, we also offer a dedicated customer service that is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to address our customers' questions and problems. We at Khalko are delighted to fulfil the aspirations of those who require a quick and easy way to find flight tickets, having served over 1000 satisfied consumers.

You may book the lowest airfare of your choosing now while also taking advantage of the other travel choices available to you through us. Experience exceptional value at the lowest price with the cheapest fare promise. Instant alerts assure current flight status, instant fare cuts, incredible savings, instant refunds and rebooking choices, price comparisons, and a slew of other intriguing features.

The user-friendly Khalko App and website make it simple for eager travellers to plan and book a vacation with the stroke of a button. Simply use the filters to pick the location you wish to visit, as well as your trip dates, duration, special preferences on hotels, type of holiday, and so on, and Khalko will provide you with a comprehensive range of holiday packages to choose from.

Choose the plan that best matches your requirements. Alternatively, you might select hotels of your choosing, add sightseeing and activities to your list, and build a package that best meets your needs. You may book your trip packages offline by submitting a question or speaking with one of our travel specialists for fast assistance. It's never been easier to plan and buy your dream vacation with Khalko.


  1. Q: How to sign up?
    A: Enter the destination to check rates; View all nearby travel alternatives; Select your preferred mode of transportation; Get quick confirmation with trip information, and your trip is booked!

  2. Q: Is Khalko available on android and iOS?
    A: Khalko app is currently available only on android, whereas the Khalko website can be accessed on iOS and android devices.

  3. Q: Can I use Khalko without downloading the app?
    A: Yes, Khalko also has a website which can be used to make bookings.

  4. Q: Do I need to register on your site to book tickets?
    A: No. You can use our service fully without the need to register. You just need to provide your details at the time of booking.

  5. Q: What if the car shows up late?
    A: We try our best to ensure our partners reach our customers on time. But in case of delays, do call us and we will help you out by either providing an alternate vehicle or giving you a full refund.

  6. Q: How can I track my cab?
    A: Once your booking is confirmed, you will be able to track your cab. You will be able to see your cab’s location on the map and also the time it will it take for the driver to pick you up.

  7. Q: How can I rate a ride?
    A: We have a grading system in place for each ride that you take to guarantee that all of your Khalko rides are convenient, safe, and comfortable. Every time you finish a journey, you may score it from 1 to 5 stars and share your comments. Your ratings should reflect the level of service given by that driver. As a result, a few factors to consider while reviewing a ride are the driver's behaviour and driving skills, the quality of service, and the cleanliness of the vehicle. When a driver frequently obtains a bad rating, we take necessary actions such as off-roading him for a certain period of time, enrolling him in training programmes, and cancelling his Khalko account.

  8. Q: How can I check Khalko service availability at my pickup or drop location?
    A: We recommend entering your exact pickup and drop location to make your travel hassle-free. You can always check on your Khalko app if the drop location is within the city limits. All you need to do is –
    - Enter your drop location.
    - Select your desired location from the suggested locations.
    - Check the message displayed on your Khalko App screen.
    If the drop location is outside the city limits, you will see the message on the screen stating ‘Invalid drop location’.
    For your travel requirements outside the city, book an Khalko outstation by selecting the Outstation category icon on your Khalko app.  

  9. Q - How do I make a flight booking on Khalko?
    A: You can book a flight on Khalko in five easy steps:
    - Head over to the Khalko Trip flight booking page,
    - Enter your departure and arrival destinations,
    - Select your air travel dates,
    - Choose from our wide range of cheap flights based on your airfare preferences,
    - Click on ‘Book Now’ and your air flight booking is done.
    Download the Khalko app, put in the details i.e., date of journey, departure and arrival destinations, travel class of your choice, Select on your best comfortable option and click on 'Book Now'.

  10. Q: How to book Holidays with Khalko?
    A: The user-friendly Khalko App and website make it easy for enthusiastic travellers to plan and book a holiday simply at the click of a button. Just use the filters and select the city you want to visit along with your travel dates, travel duration, specific preferences, if any, on hotels, kind of holiday, etc. and Khalko offers you an extensive list of holiday packages to choose from. Pick any package that meets your needs. Else, you could also choose hotels of your choice, add sightseeing and activities to your list and have a package ready that best suits your requirement. You can choose to book your tour packages offline by dropping a query or chatting with our travel experts for immediate support. With Khalko, planning and buying your ideal holiday has never been easier.

  11. Q. How to find the best hotels near me?
    A. If you are travelling to a city for the first time and are looking for hotels in the best areas, it is easy to find them on our website and our app. Let’s say, you are going to Swaraj Dweep and planning to book one near the most happening beaches. Once you have hit the Search option, you will find a list of all the hotels in Port Blair near the famed beach areas. You can even find out which of the areas are ideal for couples and families. Similarly, if you are looking for booking hotels in Baratang Island, you can either book ones that are near the city’s major business districts, tourist areas and transportation hubs.


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Khalko is an end-to-end travel company. Book cabs at the best price and get the best experience.